Friday, May 7, 2010

May 7, 2010 Amusement Park!

Today was a very fun filled day in the great city of Vienna, as well as our last class of the semester! All of us awoke today this morning to take our last final, for Math and Politics. I was a little nervous going into the final because we have had so much information to study. It was relief when I got the test because I looked it over and it actually was not too bad! Hopefully Professor Carl will give me a nice A+ on this final.

After the final we ate lunch, and all of us planned on going to the local amusement park on the subway stop Praterstern, which is only four to five stops away from our dorm. It is not like typical amusement parks as we know from back home in America, because you are able to walk in and just pay for rides, more like a carnival scene, but the park is always there. The weather was kind to us until a few rides in when it started to downpour for about a good twenty minutes.

Before it rained we got to try out bumper cars first for two Euros, and it was a blast. We all had huge smiles on our faces the whole time. The next ride was a crazy one that flipped upside down, had techno music, and went extremely fast. A few of the girls tried it out, and it actually was an intense ride that lasted a good five minutes. At one point Ally and Steph lost change out of their pockets because the ride spins you upside down for a long period of time. After that ride we all went to this ride that is 117 meters high in the air, and you sit on swings while it constantly spins you in a circle! This ride was 5 Euros and was worth every penny. Once we started going up a 1/4 of the way we realized how high we were going to be in the air! It spins you around at a pretty decent speed, and once you reach the top you can see the whole city of Vienna. This ride was such a thrill and I loved every minute of it, and everyone else said this was their favorite ride. After researching about this ride Matt found out that this is the highest flying carousel in the world! None of us had any idea before we rode it, and it is awesome to find out about this. Its construction had only recently been completed at the end of April.

Here is a link about the ride if anyone wants to take a look at it: 23/22755/World%27s_highest_flying_carousel_set_up_in_Vienna

Overall, it was quite the fun-filled day!

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