Friday, May 7, 2010

May 6th, 2010 - Thursday

This is my last blog of the trip, and I realize that this is the end. This is the last time I will get to write about my feelings and experiences of my time in Vienna. I have gotten to know many of the people here, good and bad. I have experienced a lot of things that will impact my life forever. I have gotten to know the 16 people that we are here with, the good and bad characteristics of their personalities. This has been one of the most influential and most memorable experiences of my life.

I have come to realize that the people that mean the most in my life are the ones who have given me the resources to be here. I will miss the days when I could go to any country that I please and do anything I please. This is an unusual part of my life where I have realized the best in myself and what I do best. I have learned a lot that I will take to heart. I have loved every minute I have spent in Vienna and wouldn't take it back for the world. Even days where I felt homesick, I realized I will have the opportunity to be home whenever I want.

I am in Europe for one time in my life, and I'm going to make the best of it. I have done everything I have ever wanted and made memories that I will be able to tell my kids and that they will be able to tell their kids. I have seen and had the adventure of a lifetime. I recommend this program to everyone and tell them to take the chance to be able to experience the adventure and worries of everything studying abroad has to offer. I have loved the time I have spent here and couldn't imagine not taking this offer. Thank you Franklin pierce for giving me the time of my life.

Samantha Cooper

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