Friday, April 16, 2010

April 15th, 2010 - Thursday

Today, Thursday the 15th of April, was a great day of exploration and experience. It started off with our regular classes, and afterwards Matthew, Michael, Kunj and I took to the streets of Wien. Our first stop, the post office. While at the post office, we encountered one of the most peculiar scenarios. While exiting the post office, we saw a Gypsy woman walking quickly with a plastic bag in one had, and some other odds and ends in the other. As she approached the entrance to the post office, she locked eyes with us, and preceded to reach into the plastic bag and pull out a small caliber semi-automatic pistol. She quickly placed it down right up against the post office wall, with the assistance of the sidewalk. Leaving quickly, she walked a few hundred feet before she abandoned the plastic bag of who knows what. It was something you don't see everyday here in Vienna. In fact, it is very rare to ever see something happen that's irregular in Vienna.

After being fortunate enough to travel to nine different European cities, you begin to get an understanding for the cultural diversity that Europe really has. I would say that Vienna has been by far the safest, cleanest city we saw while we were here; so I am grateful that we spent the majority of our time here in beautiful Austria.

After our run-in with the Gypsy, we went to our favorite gelato place for [who would have guessed it] Gelato! We enjoyed the nice weather outside, and returned to the Theresianum by 4 pm. We lounged until dinner at 6, and then finished our homework by 9. Our average Thursday night here consists of bargain beers and wine, accompanied by great friends and experiences. We have thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Europe, and we will definitely bring back great memories and friendship. It has been just over two months here, and we look forward to our last twenty five days here.

Smeg Bobberson

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