Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 17th, 2010 - Saturday

Today was one of my favorite days as a group so far. We decided to take a break form the organized tours and venture to the Berlin Zoo/Aquarium. The Berlin Zoo is known throughout the world for the variety of animals that live there. The Zoo did not look like any other Zoo I had been to in the United States; there were no obvious cages holding the animals into a closed area. Instead there was a surrounding moat that gave the animal more of a feel that they were in their own habitat instead of caged in a zoo. We stuck around for feeding time and got to witness lions, tigers, and a panda feast on their late lunch. It was a breath of fresh air to do something in Berlin that wasn't a structured tour or museum, but instead something that those living in Berlin do on weekends. I look forward to the rest of our weeks of traveling to Prague, Paris, Rome, Venice, and eventually back to Vienna. This backpacking excursion has been an eyeopening experience and to think this is only the beginning.

Cristina Tyris

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