Saturday, April 10, 2010

When in Rome...

What an eventful day Thursday was. Bobby and I parted ways from our fellow bro's after a couple awesome days in Munich, Germany. Mike and Kunj were headed to Paris, and we were off to Rome! The train ride from Munich to Rome was one of the highlights of this trip so far. I have never seen such beautiful scenery--passing through the Swiss Alps, with jaw-dropping views everywhere you looked. We finally got to Rome after a hefty train ride, only to find out some crappy news when we got to our Rome hostel: we were a day early for our booking and there was no vacancy in the hostel. Just a simple miscommunication, stuff happens (edited version of a term I'm sure we can all figure out). The people at the hostel here were nice enough to let us use the lobby and make a booking at another hostel on the internet. We made a booking and hauled our luggage back across the city to the other hostel. I must say it started out as the sketchiest hostel I have ever checked into. The reception room was one little table with a binder with all the information for the bookings in it. Turns out, we were not actually sleeping in this sketchy looking building. Our room was across the street in what turned out to be a very nice building. We were finally settled into our room by 11:30, just in time to enjoy a delicious meal at an Italian restaurant across the street before they closed at midnight. We knew this restaurant had to be good because in the back corner of the restaurant appeared to be a scene straight out of the Godfather. It looked as if a "meeting of the four fathers" was going down. Bobby enjoyed some pasta, while I feasted on a four cheese pizza. After that we walked around the city for a little bit, trying to enjoy as much of Rome as possible. We were obviously exhausted though, so we headed back to our room and got a much needed good sleep. Can't wait to experience more of Rome over the next three days! This has truly been the spring break of a lifetime!

Peace & love.

by Matt Lennon

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