Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 5th, 2010 - Monday

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Looking back at spring break, it was one of the most eye-opening experiences we have had on this trip. We traveled to Poland, Germany, and the Czech Republic with the whole class for about a week and a half.

Before April 5th we were in Berlin, Germany. Berlin was by far one of my favorite cities next to Athens, Greece. I remember that day pretty well because it was our last day in Berlin, so we were trying to make the best of it! We had seen the city from a bus tour, but it was not the same as walking around to see the sights so we got in a big group and walked to the Berlin Wall. We wanted to make the best of our last day before we all split up to travel on our own for our spring break. We gathered up about 10 of us, and ventured out into the beautiful city with cameras in hand.

While walking there we walked through the main part of the city, Checkpoint Charlie, and then got lost; so we tried to follow the bricks on the ground that signify where the wall use to be. That worked for a little while. Then we got to parts of the city that were very quiet, and it did not seem that we were going to the right place. We eventually asked some locals and found our way to the wall! Once we arrived at the wall we were all just quiet because we were all so intrigued by the beautiful artwork on the remaining Berlin Wall. If I remember correctly, our tour guide said the wall was a mile and a half long. The artwork was done by so many talented artists from all different nationalities. The other side of the wall, what you can not see from the street, is just painted white with a sandy beach/park area behind it that is near the river.

After we saw the wall we all took the subway back to the Hostel and grabbed some dinner, eventually ending our night by relaxing to prepare for Prague, and then onto our spring break journey to Munich, Germany on our own!

Michael Niesen

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