Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 7th, 2010 - Wednesday

Today Ally, Christina, Sam, Katie and I were in Frankfurt, Germany. We had arrived yesterday afternoon after a long, packed train ride, during which we had to stand (the whole five hours), but it turned out to be even longer because the trains were delayed. Anyways, we stayed at a very nice place; it was a cross between a hotel and a hostel. When we got upstairs we found out that we had a roommate, but she was barely there. Instead of going out to explore, we all just crashed knowing we had the whole next day to explore.

When we woke up the next morning we all showered and tried to plan out what we were going to see. Originally we were going to go to the Birkenstock factory to get some new shoes; but after failing to find the subways and not wanting to walk for an hour, we thought we would just explore the city. Now don't get me wrong--Frankfurt is BEAUTIFUL, very clean, with some amazing skyscrapers. But it was probably one of the quietest and most boring cities I have ever been to. It seemed to be very business oriented. We sat in a park for a while and then continued our adventures into the early afternoon. By that time Ally had started not to feel so well, so we headed back to the hotel and waited for our taxi to come and get us to go to the airport.

Around five the taxi came and took us there. Little did we know that Frankfurt airport was one of the biggest airports in Europe. We made it through check in and security, and we were well on our way to Ireland for spring break! After our short flight we finally made it to Dublin, and if you ask anyone who went through the passport check, the Ireland stamp is by far all of our favorites. We hopped on a bus right after and it brought us to our hostel, where we all crashed for the night.

by Chrissy Billingsley

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