Friday, April 30, 2010

April 29th, 2010 - Thursday

April 29th was a great day: it was my birthday. Today we woke up 9:30 for math and politics class with Carl, and then I took nap. Then all the BROS went to the park for the day. First we just laid around and got our tan on, which was nice and relaxing. After an hour or so of relaxing, we decided to play Frisbee, which was a blast. But every now and then someone would over-throw it, and it almost hit a couple people, and they were not too happy.

When we left the park we stopped for a couple of birthday drinks, which was great because we got to sit outside in the sun and just chill. For dinner we went out to the Mexican restaurant and sat outside and enjoyed a delicious meal with our macho, which is a specialty drink they have there. Later that night a group of us went out into the city for a couple hours. We had to return early to be prepared for our Vienna Across the Ages final at 9am. Overall, I was really happy that I got to celebrate my 20th birthday in Vienna with all my great friends.

Kunj Shah

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