Monday, April 19, 2010

April 18th, 2010 - Sunday

Today was a nice, spring day. I woke up early and spent the morning watching my new favorite TV show "Glee." It's very clever and funny. It makes me think about high school a lot. I can't believe I am going to be graduating in one year. Four years... and so much has happened. I feel like my life is catapulting by, and studying abroad has really put a lot of things into motion. While I watched Glee, I sent out some emails. Looking for an internship is hard when all you can do is contact people online.

After lunch I went into town with Ally, Chrissy, Christina, Steph, Sam, Kunj and Mike. We explored around and got a lot of dried fruit. I know the girls bought some jewelery, but I had to try my hardest just to look and save some money. Jewelry is a major weakness for me. Kunj, Mike and I got hungry--so we took off for kebabs and falafel wraps. The hummus had just been made... it was so good. I am definitely going to miss the food around here. I mean, I miss American food... but here everything is just a little tastier. After we sat and ate, we went grocery shopping and then just walked around and enjoyed the spring-time. It's gorgeous right now in Vienna.

The tulips are all blooming--it's making me wish I had been able to go back to Amsterdam and Holland. I bet the tulips there right now are incredible.

Photos by Michele

We also went to the Symphony at night! They played one of mine and my roommates favorite classical songs: Carmina Burana. I was so excited to hear it live. I was also amazed at the young boy choir. They sounded so wonderful, and powerful. And they were all such tiny people! I liked having the opportunity to get dressed-up too. I won't lie, I love an excuse to put on a pair of good high heels. I haven't had too many chances of wearing my favorite pair, and I got to last night.

All in all, the day and night were nice. Exactly what I would call a overall nicely blended day of relaxation and excitement. 20 more days until we go home... I can't wait to hug my mom, dad, sister and two dogs. Oh, and definitely anticipating my first Dunkin run... coupled with a good bag of cheetos and/or goldfish.

by Mae McGlone

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