Thursday, February 25, 2010

Beautiful Day

Wednesday Febuary 24, 2010
Today we had our first exam for statistics, so I woke up a little bit earlier to get some studying in. After Stats was over we headed to History of Vienna with Heinz Kroll. Originally we were suppose to go to see the Crown Jewels. However, the museum was being cleaned, so that was a little disappointing that we had to sit through a two hour lecture instead.
After Class Mike and I started to plan our spring break trip--we are starting in Munich, Germany, and then we are going to Bern, Switzerland. After that we went for a walk around the city. It was a gorgeous day, around 55 Degrees and sunny, and we found a section of the city that we had not been to before. As we tried to make our way back we got a little lost. However we found a couple of new cafes, which were really good. So we kept walking around, and we realized where we were. On this little adventure we saw a car that looked like the bat mobile. It was one of the coolest cars I have seen in Vienna.
Once we got back we went to dinner, which was good. After dinner we had a meeting with Carl and Michele, so they could let us know the itinerary
for Athens, Greece. I am really excited to visit Athens, as I have wanted to go there for most of my life. After the meeting Bob and I worked on finishing our presentation for History of Math. Then the night came to an end and I retired to my bed.

I am starting to love this city more and more each day, I feel like I have been here for years and it is getting easier to travel around the city and fit in with the crowd.

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