Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

The best memory of today has got to be the first; and after almost two weeks of awakening to knocks on the door and ear piercing tones of alarm clocks, it was finally the bright blue sky and luminous sunlight elevating through the windows that woke Vienna. Who knew that this city could become more picturesque, more stunning and even more vivacious, especially when stumbling upon the palaces on the Belvedere grounds?

Walking through the gates of the Belvedere, you automatically feel of royalty. The architecture leaves anyone who gazes at it in awe, and with the sun shining on the Belvedere buildings in all the right places, I must admit, there is nothing more beautiful than that view. Since it made most sense to stay outside today, the clear skies and inspiring sun led everyone to roam unnoticed streets, eager to discover new and interesting sites.

Some places included a dance studio, featuring ball room dancing (a big to do for some of the group), Demel, arguably one of the best chocolate shops Vienna has to offer, and the Hofburg Palace, the true home to Maria Theresa (not to invalidate the Theresianum, but this place was kind of a big deal, just saying).

And what could be more interesting than camels and Mercedes being captured in a motion picture? No lie. Walking through the streets of downtown Vienna, nearing the Hofburg Palace, a profusion of vehicles were clustered around traffic men clearing the way for what seemed to be mail ordered camels and an S class (the crème de la crème of Mercedes) just stock-still, surrounded by movie cameras. It was a little random, and a little ridiculous, but still awesome none-the-less.

Past, what seemed like a circus act was the Roman Ruins, a jaw dropping sight of water gates and brick structures, dating back to the Roman Empire; it was honestly unbelievable. Behind every turn of every street there seemed to be a piece of history more astonishing than the last; and it was all unearthed to us by the nicest day to date, this sublime Sunday.

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