Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Our day began in the classroom, in which two groups presented their chapters to the class. In our History of Math class, we are learning about the earliest people to discover different mathematical techniques and the cultures in which they came from.

After lunch, which was either a vegetable quiche or fish and potatoes, a few of us went out to roam the city some more. We had heard about a street downtown that was supposed to have some really good shopping--so of course we had to check it out! As we were walking there, I was really proud of myself for remembering how everything connected, as if a map of Vienna was finally becoming more clear in my head. (I'm usually not very good with directions!) We walked up and down the busy street for about an hour or so, squeezing ourselves through mazes of people and looking into the windows of different bakeries with mouth-watering treats. We went into a few clothing stores as well, but our most prized purchase of the day (I think I can speak on behalf of everyone) was the gelato! Days of searching for a gelateria, and finally we were rewarded! The lady serving us at the counter was very pleasant and spoke some English--at least enough to tell us what the best flavors were! I took her word on one of her favorites and got the Hazlenut. It was SO delicious! After everyone ordered, we stood outside (probably about 5 feet from the store) because we couldn't even think about walking with this deliciousness in our hands! We scoffed down our cones in a matter of minutes, and then contemplated getting more!

Soon we decided it was time to head back to the Theresianum, and as we walked through the open streets of Vienna, I remember looking up in awe at everything that surrounded us. Even though I felt that I had learned so much about this city, there was still so much out there.

After dinner, which was a sort of baked macaroni/potato and cheese dish, we headed up to Janet's room to watch a movie! We played the movie through a projector and all lounged around her room to watch it. It was so wonderful just to relax and laugh with everyone. Times like that remind me of how much of a family that we are becoming.

Once the movie was over, some people went to the Ost Klub, a club right down the street that features live and local music venues. The atmosphere there is very relaxed and casual, which makes it a comfortable and friendly place to visit. Matt even went up on stage to show the audience some of his skills on the guitar!

The night had finally come to an end, so people snuggled up into their beds that overlooked this city with so much to offer. Gute Nacht Vienna!

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  1. We are glad you are having so much fun! Love, Jessica and Michele