Sunday, February 14, 2010

I love this city!

My Saturday started off a bit slow, but I eventually got moving after a shower and a quick skype session with my family. Once I was dressed, one of my roommates and I embarked to find the “nashmarkt.” This is an extremely large market filled with vendors and shops of all varieties. I think this is when it hit me most that I was finally in Vienna. There were many people there, all speaking different languages. One girl, I overheard, was trying to find a bagel. Something she clearly had never had. This shocked me, living your whole life without a bagel! I’m not sure if I could do something like that. Once we made our rounds, we met up with a couple of our friends from the group.

From there we took off towards the nearest subway station. We took two stops into the main part of downtown and spent the day trying to find something to eat and things on our scavenger hunt list. Downtown Vienna is very, very cool. There are a lot of people and lots of shops and cafes. The buildings and architecture are all very striking. It is a very cool feeling being somewhere that has been around for such a long time. Along this stroll through the city, we saw a man with a miniature pony, asking for money. Can’t say I had ever seen a pony in the middle of a city before! He denied us from taking pictures with it, but it was very cute.

The café that we went to is quickly becoming a favorite amongst the group. It is called “Café Bistro.” In one word it’s DELICIOUS. Today I ordered the brucshetta and Italian vegetarian soup. And trust me, this is not your soup and bread from your local Olive Garden. I demolished that meal in about .5 seconds.

As for the rest of the day, it was spent exploring downtown more and getting a feel for the subway stations. They’re different from the one’s I am used to in Boston. Just small things: like manually having to open the door when you need to get off. Or standing on the right side of the escalators for people who want to walk up the left side.

All in all it was a really nice day, I am starting to get a handle on moving about the city… all I need now is to learn a little more German!


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