Friday, February 26, 2010

Today was Thursday and, overall, a very uneventful day! We did not have to go help Martin with the English class today so it was a chance to get a few extra hours of sleep before class, which was wonderful=] So, I got up around 9 and got myself dressed and ready for class, some more history of math presentations. After class we all just hung out until lunch. After lunch I came back upstairs and packed for Greece! Who knew packing for just four days would be so hard! With the weather in Greece being warmer than here I wanted to bring ever summer outfit I brought with me, but unfortunately my suitcase would not allow that at all=[ So I had to really think about what I would need and finally narrowed it down to all fit perfectly in my bag.

After I packed I decided it was way too nice of a day to be inside any longer! So I got changed and Steph and I went outside and walked on the track for a while. It was beautiful; it really felt like spring! It was so sunny, no clouds in the sky and, my favorite part of it all, was it smelled like spring! It was awesome. After the track we came back upstairs to a wonderful surprise from Chrissy: she had gone to the American food store and got me some Goldfish. I have been craving them since we got here and have tried very hard and failed at finding anything like them here in Vienna. It was a nice surprise! By the time dinner rolled around I had not even noticed the afternoon had flown by between being outside and come back in and doing school work. A bunch of us later that night tried this Mexican place we found. We went for dinner and happy hour. It was great. The food and drinks were awesome, and I was so excited because I absolutely love Mexican food! After dinner we all came back to school. I tried to finish up some work, but Sammy and I decided to go down to the pool to meet up with Katie and Steph. It was awesome--we had the pool to ourselves! So after we swam around for a little while we came back up stairs to relax and do some homework, eventually going to bed after a few card games. Not a very exciting day, but it was a fun day to say the least=]

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