Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 20th, Saturday

We missed lunch Saturday morning because we all thought it was at 1:00 instead of 11:45, but we survived that by making toast and sharing with each other. After that, I spent most of my morning getting my work done. The plan for the night was that some of us, Sam, Janet and I, were going to check out an electronic party not too far from the Theresianum.

We knew the Electronic party was supposed to start at 10 pm. Even though we got there at 10:15, it seemed to us that the party hadn’t quite started yet. We stayed a few minutes until we decided that it wasn’t really our crowd. In my opinion it looked like it was more of an after work party, where the co-workers all knew each other. Then, when we all realized that almost everyone looked like that they could have been our parents (lol), we decided to change our plans for the night.

I suggested that we go to Billabong, an Australian café. They have live music every Saturday, so it should be fun. Sam and I only went there once with the group, however I was able to remember which subway to take and the stops (I’m so proud). So we got there.

The place was crowded but we managed to get a table after a few minutes. Then we ran into one of the guys I met the night before. I thought they were interesting Austrians, and so were their opinions of Americans. Felix, good-looking Austrian, speaks French, English and German, thinks that Americans are very friendly. He just doesn’t like the fact that they’re always trying to take over. He gave the example of the McDonalds here in Vienna. He thinks that the American way of life is to work in order to have more than their neighbors. He loves Boston Red Sox (That’s what’s up!)… It was interesting to see how his opinion differed from what I expected it to be. During pre-orientation departure, we talked about how most of the Austrians form their opinion of us based on what they see on MTV, the reality shows, and else. So it was interesting to hear something different, and also interesting to chat with the locals.

by Murielle.

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  1. It is just wonderful. Vienna will help you broaden your mind and your perspective on others. Keep learning and... have fun!