Thursday, February 11, 2010

First day,
This is a little late but here we go. So today was the day we left for Vienna Austria, it was a very long day. We met at school at 10am Monday morning and weighed our suitcases, and thankfully all of mine were just under 50 pounds=]! After the weigh in we talked about our upcoming adventures and soon left for lunch. We met again after to hear about someone else's time in Vienna and before I knew it it was time for us to say our last goodbyes to our friends--that was the hardest part about leaving. Before I knew it we were off to the airport! Once we arrived my parents showed up for one last goodbye. We checked in and away we went. The plane ride was very full and it was my first time on such a large plane! To be honest the flight was pretty easy. We got dinner, which I did not like too much, but we got to pick what movies we watched. Everyone had their own t.v. on the seat in front of them; it was pretty cool. The flight seemed quick. It seemed impossible to sleep, though. Before I knew it we were landing in London, and even though it felt like 2:30 in the morning it was 7:30am. Once we landed it was like a maze to get to our next terminal. The airport in London was unlike anything I have ever seen--it was huge! Also there were so many different people from so many different places going everywhere in the world! When we started to look for our next terminal, one of the airport workers told us there was no such thing as a terminal 24, what it said on our ticket. So the next step was trying to figure out where exactly we were supposed to go. After what seemed to be 100 escalator rides and 2 bus rides we had made it to the next terminal. Once we got there it was time to exchange money. No more dollars, hello euros! I found out really quickly the exchange rate sucks. So then it was time for our next flight. At this point everyone seemed very tired and just grumpy. As we boarded it was a packed flight! So crowded, and the plane was not as comfortable as the last. It was cramped and stuffy, but thankfully I got on the plane and fell right to sleep. I don’t even remember taking off--it was so nice. Once we had landed everyone seemed to perk up a little bit. We got off the plane and got our luggage, and then were greeted by a camera taking pictures of us. I felt like we were famous! After a quick ride finally arrived at the school! It is beautiful. After a little unpacking it was time for dinner so we went down. I could not tell you what I ate, but it was delicious! Also, I found some student who goes to this school has the last name as Chrissy and I, and he’s from Texas. It is a very small world! So in the morning we are going exploring hopefully--it will be fun!

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