Friday, February 26, 2010

Today is Friday, February 26th. The entire FPU population woke up for one class today, at 10AM. Everyone's favorite, History of Math! After getting through two of the presentations today, everyone dispersed and went their separate ways before reuniting at 1PM for lunch in the caf. Which I may add, was absolutely delicious. It was fried fish with a rice medley. It's always a treat to come down to a meal we're accustomed to.

I have been in need of a haircut since we've been here, and, concerned that there isn't a barbershop around that can speak English, I decided to cut my hair myself. I figured, hey, you can either go to the barber and pay 20+ Euro for a haircut you're not going to like, or you can cut it yourself for free, and have a similar outcome. I was delighted to find my haircut didn't come out THAT bad. Thanks to a little help from young Matthew on the back [which is obviously a blind spot], I was pleasantly surprised in my hair cutting capabilities. I took a quick shower, and showed up to lunch a few minutes late. The lunch lady warned Matt and I that anytime later than 1:20PM, and we're not getting served. We smiled politely and, preceding her little warning, she hooked us up with double lunches because she knows we're growing young men.

Concluding lunch, Matty Boy and I embarked on yet another outstanding adventure into the urban playground we're quickly getting accustomed to. We went to the Spar, a local grocery store down the street, for some necessary ingredients for the fridge. We also payed a quick visit to my favorite place here, Bourbon de Corte's Candy shop. Delicious chocolates and candies for a great price. I've been in at least a half dozen times since we got here. The owner is always quick to light up with a smile when he sees his most valuable America customer. I bought a dozen dark chocolate truffles, and a 100 grams of rich chocolate nougat encased in a dark chocolate shell [total cost, 4,50 Euro].

After our trip to the candy store, we took to the subway to a music store near the center of the city. Matt got his guitar fixed, and we were lucky enough to "sample" a few different instruments in the store. I was also fortunate enough to be on the laundry schedule today, so now I have nice clean clothes to pack for Athens tomorrow! Tonight is also the last night we get to spend with our wonderful RA, Janet, who has been more than helpful the past seventeen days. She has helped schedule Spring Break trips, given us valuable information about the city and traveling, and also been there to let us into our rooms when our key is misplaced or in the room. She will be greatly missed, and we all look forward to seeing her back at FPU in May. Hope everyone's day went as well as mine! Cheers, Smeg.

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