Saturday, March 6, 2010

Back to Austria

Waking up early and getting ready to leave Athens was a little sad. Looking out the bus window as every part of Greece was going fast behind us, it was hard to say good bye to the nice weather, good times, and great food we had. After the Athens trip I think our group got a little closer and enjoyed every minute of being there. The plane ride was quick and we soon landed back in Austria. The weather was the first thing that hit me, back to freezing. No more flip flops and shorts for us. Getting on the train I realized how tired I was and napped most of the way. The subway was quick, and we arrived back at the Theresianum. I collapsed on my bed and didn't bother unpacking and slept most of the day away. Eating the food in the cafeteria made me instantly miss our happy meals that we shared together just the night before. I am excited to go on another trip because of how much fun we all had in Greece.

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