Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Here's to You, Tim Toupet

So today was the first day of Mathematics and Politics, and Carl got everyone's hopes up during the lesson, as we all believed we would be traveling as a group to either Amsterdam, Barcelona, Paris, or Florence; however, those were just pawns in his game of deceit and we all realized he was just trying to teach us about math. The example did keep our attention, though, and we ended up covering a lot of material. But the real fun started while we were in German class. We all knew something was up when Doris had with her a boom box. The lesson flew by as usual but towards the end she handed us a sheet of lyrics titled, "Fliegerlied" (meaning Flyer song). We first heard Doris sing it to us, rather beautifully if I might add, and then we translated the lyrics to English. It turned out to be a pretty happy song, and I started to think that maybe it was a little too happy. Then the music turned on, and a man started singing the song. After two tries the entire group was singing along and dancing, having such a good time with it. Someone said it best, That Tim Toupet (the man responsible for the song) is like the European "Wiggles". No matter, it was a perfect way to end class, and shortly after a few were downloading the song when we arrived back at the dorms. It felt good to be reunited with our inner child. Tonight was also a pool night, so we all shlept down to the pool for a little while; it was especially beneficial to me, because I learned how to swim (properly). Again, bringing back my childhood. Who knew that everything interesting that happened today would all be during our lessons? It pays to go to class, kids.

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