Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monday, Monday.

Monday was our first day of classes back from our lovely four day weekend, ending with a not so lovely train ride back. Christina, Katie, Sam, Ally, Erin, Steph, and I all had enjoyed a wonderful long weekend in Rome, which we all loved, minus the travel days. Our train left Sunday night and we were all hoping that we could just pass out because we had been roaming the city all day. We were so wrong. Our cart was so packed that the aisle was lined with other travelers, many who had just run in the Rome marathon. Not only was the car packed, the air condiontioning was broken, and the car smelled horrible. We spent most of our 13 hour ride listening to music and trying to watch movies, but we were so uncomforatable that nothing seemed enjoyable.

When we finally arrived back in Vienna we were all so tired no one could even show any excitment to be back. Seeing as we had not slept at all on the train, half of us ended up missing class to sleep, while the other half champed it out and attended. After some much needed nap time and lunch, Ally and I went off to see a painting she needed for her class. When we got to the museum we found out it was closed, but it was such a nice day we really did not care. When we got back most everyone was just lounging around still tired from their journeys and trying to unpack. It was a good day for some rest and relaxation, only to have to pack up once again and leave Saturday.

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