Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March 16th, 2010 - Tuesday

Today was the day that Mae and I have been waiting for, for weeks. Our closest friend from school, Lydia, landed in Vienna today to spend her spring vacation traveling around Europe. We spent the day showing her the area surrounding the Theresianum and eventually the “Bahnhof,” where she bought her ticket to Amsterdam for this, my birthday weekend. After she was settled with her ticket, I took her to her hostel in Keplerplatz. We eventually found the street the hostel was on only to then begin our search for building number 16. After seeing that building 11 followed building 17 we stopped at the corner to ponder over what could have happened to building 16, the most important building on that street for us. After several minutes we settled on the idea of walking across the street and asking the employee in a local café. The man in the café looked at us, looked where we had just walked from and pointed…we had been standing under a giant sign displaying her hostel and building 16; we convinced ourselves that they need to start numbering the buildings more obviously.

Lydia was quickly settled into her hostel, and we headed back to the Theresianum to meet Mae for a sushi dinner; it’s amazing how popular Chinese/Japanese food is in Vienna. As the day crept into evening, we decided to go into town to start off my birthday weekend, as well as St. Patrick’s Day. The night ended early for me, knowing that the next morning we would have to be up to visit the Monastery, celebrate St. Patrick’s day, and leave on an 8am train to Amsterdam the following day. My birthday weekend in Amsterdam is what I have been looking forward to most, and I hope whichever one of my classmates has the blog for that weekend is part of the trip, because it’s something you are going to want to read about.

by Cristina Tyris

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