Saturday, March 13, 2010

March 13th, 2010 - Saturday

So today was our first full day in Bratislava! We all rolled out of bed around 9:30, went down to breakfast, and ate something quick. After breakfast we decided to explore the city. Right as we walked outside we realized that the weather was not going to cooperate with us. It was windy and rainy, but that did not stop us at all. We went into the historical district of the town, and it was so beautiful. I couldn’t help but think to myself that this is what I thought all of Europe was going to look like: wide open cobblestone streets, pretty window shops all lit up, and the most beautiful churches. It took my breath away how beautiful this city really was. As we walked around I began to notice the same statue of a man was all over the city. He was in different poses, of course, but it was the same guy in a top hat. Then I remembered that I had read something about him in the elevator and why he was all over town. It was so fun to take pictures with all the statutes. After walking in and out of some shops and getting some gift, there was a break-down of communication, and Sam was no longer with us. So we did what we thought was best and went back to the hotel. Luckily Sam had thought the same, and we found her sitting at our room door!

After the six of us were reunited we decided to take a quick nap before heading back into the city at night. We all soon woke up, and Kate, Sam and Erin went off to explore a castle that we had seen earlier, while Christina, Chrissy, and I stayed back to get ready. Once we were ready we decided to go out while the other three girls were still exploring. We ended up at this awesome café with huge leather couches and decided to get dessert before dinner(: It was delicious, and it was awesome to chill in the window and people-watch for a little while. After we ate it was time to go meet up with the other girls and go to dinner! We ended up at a Mexican restaurant, and it was delicious.

After we ate we decided to go back to the hotel and have some drinks there. While there we met up with some guys who were in town on a “holiday.” It was really great to meet some new people and hang out with them. As the night continued we decided to go out into the city to see what the night life had to offer. We ended up at some disco night club, and it was so fun! It was the downstairs of some bar, and the six of us girls literally danced the night away. It was so great! As early morning rolled around we all decided to head back and try to get some sleep, as we had an early check out the next day. When we got back to the hotel our British neighbors were sitting out in the hallway because they had been locked out. So we chatted with them for a bit and then it was off to bed!

It was really great to be able to plan a weekend get away by ourselves. For a lot of us it was a very new and exciting experience, and even a little scary making sure everything worked out. It turned out to be so great, being on a trip that we had all planned together and experiencing a whole different culture in a place so few of us had heard about. It was such a wonderful get away; I cannot wait to do it again!

Ally Billingsley

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