Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Best Days

Second day back in Vienna since a weekend in Amsterdam with my b.ro's. It feels good to be back; this little 15 x 16 room truly feels like home (though I do look forward to getting back to my real home in Bow, New Hampshire, as much as I love the life in Wien).

I woke up for stats this morning, which was alright, because our great professor was gracious enough to cancel class the previous day after a majority of us had had a late night/early morning of travels via Eurail. After stats I made some toast and tea for the roomie and me, then it was off to Math and Politics. Once we all finished German class with our SECOND favorite professor in Vienna, Doris, it was time to plan out our day on this beautiful afternoon. It was about 60 degrees today in Vienna, and the rest of the week promises to be the same--gotta love spring! Especially in a beautiful city like Vienna.

I hit the city with Bobby around 3 PM to run a couple errands. We both had to send all our Amsterdam postcards to our friends back home, as well as pick some groceries at the best grocery store in town, SPAR! Once back at the Theresianum, we thought we would work off all the deserts we ate while in Amsterdam by going for a jog through the city on this gorgeous, spring day. We jogged to Stadtpark and back; it was good run. While on the run, Bobby and I saw the craziest thing; a bicyclist was crossing the street, naively thinking that no one was coming down the road, when, in fact, there was a motorcyclist traveling down the strasse. Bobby and I looked at each other, in shock as to what was about to unfold. The motorcyclist swerved and clipped the front tire of the cyclist, the motorcyclist caught himself before falling, but we couldn't say the same for the cyclists. He fell but got up right away, luckily, and everyone turned out to be okay. Despite the scrapes and bruises taken by both parties, everyone walked away from the scene, with all their limbs intact. It definitely made the jog a little more eventful.

We returned to the Theresianum, showered, ate dinner (pretty delicious fish), and then attended the weekly, Tuesday group meeting. We received the itinerary for the upcoming trips to Krakow, Berlin, and Prague, and were excited to see the the plans for the days ahead of us. After a fun time sorting out some Czech Republic & Poland currency among the group, it was time for our nightly SCHWIMMEN! Bobby and I always enjoy ourselves at the Theresianum Akademie pool, challenging each other on the diving board to do the craziest dive. We were delighted to have our two French friends, Solveig and Claire join us at the pool, making the night that much more enjoyable.

Now, here I sit, writing this blog, thinking back as we reach the half way point of our trip to Europe. I am sure I can speak for everyone in this group that we look forward to the days and experiences that are in our future. These are the best days that we have been waiting for!

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