Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 17th, 2010 - Wednesday

Today we went to a Monastery about half hour from Vienna. This was for our class Vienna Across the Ages, though the teacher of the class did not attend. When we got there, my initial reaction was that it was a very, very striking place. The architecture was beautiful, as are most things in this country. I still am always amazed thinking about the people who worked on these structures, without modern technology.

Our tour started, and at first I was a little bored. But as we started getting deeper into the building everything got much more intricate and interesting. Most of the things were religious, and covered in gold leaf. There was one sculpture of Jesus and Mary, where Mary was frowning from one side and smiling from the other.
I think my favorite part about the trip, though, were the stained glass windows. These monks back in the day, figured out a way to create stained glass--but when the light showed through it… it was white! Dang! That was pretty cool. I also loved all of the ceilings, but I find myself loving all of the ceilings. Who knew they would be so cool? There was also an extremely large barrel (the biggest in Austria) that was used for storing wine. I wish I had been around back then when they still used it!
Another exciting thing that occurred was my best friend from home is here! She flew in last night. Lydia, Cristina and I are planning on leaving for Amsterdam tomorrow! Cristina is turning 21 and it’'s Lydia’'s spring break, so celebration is definitely in order. Our friends from the group (Kunj, Mike, Matt and Bobby) will also come along. I have good feelings about this short trip!

I also get to see family that I have there. I know it means a lot to my mother that I get to visit them; she has not seen them since she was living in Europe. I hope that they are just as excited to meet me! They'’re taking us three girls (Lyd, Cristina and me) to a famous pancake house in a small village in Holland. Could life get any better?

by Mae McGlone

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