Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday was beautiful, sunny day in Vienna. I knew that after my two wonderful math classes in the morning that I would not wait too long to go out and enjoy this weather. I made sure to get my work done and to complete my plans for spring break before I ventured out in the city with Erin. I did not have anything grandiose in mind, simply because I want to save my money for the next weeks of traveling. Erin and I decided to walk around and to explore places we’ve never been to.

As I have been noticing, this city is very beautiful when it’s sunny. There always seems to have more things going on. For example, we’ve seen a group dancing, clowns…. Even the people walking in the streets seem to be kinder and happier. Erin and I stopped at one cafĂ© to get coffee and dessert. We unfortunately didn’t know it was not a place for coffee and dessert, that we had to eat a main meal. So we were very surprised after the waiter told us that they are not the kind of place that serves only what we wanted. We found it strange that he told us that, too. Anyways we ate our not-so-good dessert and even joked about the waiter on our way back “who knows? Maybe he was concerned for our well-being? Or perhaps he knew we would be disappointed by the dessert, so he attempted to cover it with a meal….!!?!”; we know Austrians a little better now, so it was not a big deal to us.

I love the city when it’s sunny, and I enjoyed my peaceful walk with Erin. I can’t wait to visit other parts of Europe next week…

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