Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saturday, March 6th

Saturday was a pretty quiet day for us here in Vienna. Most of us were awake and ready for lunch at 11:45, which was pretty good. After lunch Christina, Sam, Mike and I ventured off to go shopping. Mike needed hair clippers, and we needed to get out of the Tressiaunum. We ended up at what looked like a huge department store named Muller. When you first walk in you are overwhelmed with how many different perfumes and colognes they have. So we went off and tried to smell all of them. After conquering all of those we looked upstairs, which was mostly DVD's and other tech stuff, and another floor was all kids toys. When we went all the way downstairs it was like a collection of everything you could need on a day-to-day basis. Soon after we left and hopped on the subway en route to Billa. On the way there Christina and I spotted a bagel shop, so of course we had to go in and get one. They were so good and gave us a little taste of home. After the grocery store we headed back. For the rest of the day we just lounged around waiting for dinner. Saturday was a pretty relaxing day; hopefully I can get some work done on Sunday :)

Christine Billingsley

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