Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday funday

Slept in really late this morning, after a really fun (late) night with Mike, Bobby, Mae, and Cristina at the popular Wien dance club, Flex. Instead of going to lunch at the Theresianum this morning, Bobby and I thought we would go out to the city and get something. For our budget's sake, we ended up agreeing on some good ol' American food, Burger King. It was quite cold in the city today; we were teased with some 50 degree weather a couple weeks ago and now these 30 degree days are taking us by surprise. I just want it to warm up! Nonetheless, I always enjoy a walk in this beautiful city.

After strumming on my 6-string for a little bit, Bobby and I decided to begin writing a script for a little, short film. It is starting to come together really well; the title is "the Magic Gloves." I will say no more as of now! You should all be very excited, trust me.

Tonight, Bobby and a couple of guys we know who attend the Theresianum Akademie are going to the restaurant/pub, Four Bells, for their special Sunday deal, all meals 5.50 euro! Can't beat that, it's bound to be a fun time.

Until we meet again, peace & love.


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