Friday, March 19, 2010

Thursday, March 18th

Today I arrived in ROME!! After a long 14 hour train ride we were finally in Italy. Even though we were all exhausted and would have loved to nap we were just way too excited. We walked about five minutes from the train station to our hostel. We dropped our stuff off but had to leave because check in wasn’t until 3pm, and it was only 9am.
We took off to roam the city. It was beautiful; we were located close to everything. There were tons and tons of vendors everywhere and pretty cheap places to eat. After an hour of roaming around Erin’s cousin Sarah, who is studying in Rome, met up with us and was a nice tour guide for us. We ended up at the Coliseum. What an unbelievable site; never in a million years did I think I would get to see this! It is even more impressive in person! We were all just so happy to have the opportunity to experience being there. Walking back from the coliseum we stopped at the roman ruins and took tons of pictures. It was so cool!

After all the walking, Sarah took us to the best gelato place...she wasn’t kidding. This place had every type of gelato you could imagine. I had a chocolate and baileys crème gelato. It was so delicious and was only 3 euros. After we all finished our gelato we had to say bye to Sarah because she was heading to Amsterdam, and we went to the hostel. We got settled in our rooms and took a short nap, then went downstairs and had the complementary pasta dinner that the hostel served. Which was also very good. After dinner the seven us got ready for our first night out in Rome...

It was a good night. I hope I have the opportunity to go back again, as 3 days won't be enough. I am so happy I went with Erin, Sam, Ally, Chrissy, Kate and Christina. We all had so much fun and became a lot closer. Good bonding time!

by Stephanie Gilbert

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