Sunday, March 28, 2010

March 27th, 2010 - Saturday

Saturday, March 27th, begins our journey to Poland, Germany, and the Czech Republic. We all got up bright and early to catch a train to Krakow, the first stop of a trip that we have been looking forward to since the beginning of our time in Vienna. After a morning of lugging our bags on and off of different subways, we finally made it to our seats on the train that we would be occupying for seven hours. I was so happy that I got a window seat, because I love looking out of the train at everything that passes by. As we came closer to reaching our destination, our excitement was building and the exhaustion that we once felt started to disappear. It is still so hard for me to believe that after only several hours I can be in a whole new country—one that I have never thought that I would be in before coming abroad.

We soon arrived at our beautiful hotel, after of course stopping at the local McDonald’s for a quick burger or drink. After we made it to our rooms and settled in, we found out that the hotel was providing us with a snack, which we were more than grateful for. I like what they consider a “snack”. There was a huge spread laid out for us in the coziest and prettiest restaurant that I have ever seen in a hotel. Platters filled with salads, sandwiches, cheese, veggies, fruit, pastries, and endless refreshments all reflected in our eyes as our jaws subconsciously dropped open out of pure awe and joy. After our stomachs were full from that very satisfying treat, our exhaustion hit us again, and many of us took a needed nap. When we woke up, a lot of us had pierogies on the mind. (Not sure how we were already craving food after that delicious “snack”, but hey, you gotta get some pierogies in Poland.) Fortunately, we found a place earlier with a sign that said “Probably the Best Pierogies”. I like how they didn’t want to jump to any conclusions. Nevertheless, we entered the restaurant, sat at the biggest table, and all ordered our pierogies. And let me tell you, they did not give themselves enough credit—they were delicious! We all sampled each other’s choices and walked out as very happy campers. As we walked back to our hotel on the cobblestone streets, I took a long breath in, breathing in this brand new city that I was eager to find out more about.

Christina Gallo

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