Friday, March 12, 2010

March 11th, 2010 - Thursday

This morning I woke up to snow falling by my bedroom window. My first thought was, "No, not another cold day!", but then I realized how pretty it really was. A very light dusting of white powder covered the cars and sidewalk, and there was a feeling of tranquility in the air. Plus, there was no time to be grumpy--I am in Vienna and need to love every second of it!

The day started off with Math and Politics at 10am. Being a psychology major, I really don't have much experience with the subject, but tried to keep focused as best as I could. After a pretty satisfying lunch of rice and veggie patties, four other rugby players and I got ready to teach some younger students about the game. We were all really excited to talk about the game that we love so much, but also a little nervous to be talking about it in front of a class of thirteen-year-olds. Once we got to the classroom, we were surprised to see that everyone was very attentive and interested in what we had to say; some of them knew more about the game than we had expected! Once we went over some of the rules, positions, and other aspects of the game, we all bundled up to go outside and put our lesson to the test. We were all so happy to see that all of the kids really enjoyed playing with us--all of them wanted to be the first one to try to kick the ball or be part of the scrum. After a lot of laughs and fun, it was time to go in.

Being outside with those kids and being able to interact with them, teach them, and share something that we are all so passionate about was a real gift. We were all in high spirits walking to the cafeteria for dinner, and all agreed that we would jump at the opportunity to do it again.
As we all crawled into our beds for some much needed rest (we would be going to Bratislava, Slovakia, the next day for a weekend trip), I looked out my window once more and felt very content to be looking into the city that was becoming more like home.

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