Monday, March 8, 2010

March 8th, 2010 - Monday

Today is our first Monday back in Vienna. After statistics at 8:30 am, we all headed to Hofburg Redoutensale museum. Professor Kröll was waiting for us there. I technically did not have to go since I am not taking Vienna Across the Ages. However, since I hate having the feeling that I might be missing on something, I went. I even brought a little notebook with me. I was determined to have a good time at the Museum.

As shown by the pictures, a lot of the stuff we saw was Royalty-related. At the beginning of the tour I was pleased to see the different crowns from different periods, and all the gowns. However, after spending 2 hours straight on my feet, my idea of ‘good time at the museum’ did not turn out quite well. I was tired and stopped taking notes, even pictures. I wish the tour had been shorter. I even started thinking about the kids from Prof. Martin’s class who told me they only love museums when they go by themselves. When they told me that, I thought to myself, “poor little kids can’t handle museum tours…hahaha” lol. Well now I understand them.

After that, my day ended well!

Danke schön!


PHOTOS by Murielle

PHOTOS by Michele

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